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This is my first posting on the newly established Residential Support Services website. First, I owe a big “thank you” to Susan Murray our Executive Assistant for bringing this website to fruition. Thank you, Susan, for seeing to it that our very first website accurately reflects our services and the spirit with which we provide them.

I became Executive Director in 1981 when our primary services were provided in group homes.  I remember being apprehensive about having an entire board of directors as my bosses since all of my previous jobs involved having one boss. I quickly learned that the most important thing was not about the number of people. It was all about who the people were and why they were “at the table”. Here, the tone was set for working together and trusting each other. I learned that all of us were passionate about human rights and committed to the assurance that everyone had the opportunity to live and thrive in the community.  We established an honest and trustworthy relationship that continues today. And, it does not stop with the Board. That same commitment to honesty and trust extends into all areas of services. It includes everyone in the agency, including those receiving our services.

I am proud to be associated with people of integrity and ethics. Again, I am not just talking about the Board and our professional staff. I am talking about everyone. The passion and commitment for a solid quality of life drives us all. Some of my most valuable lessons learned during my 28 years here have come from those who receive our services. They and their families have taught me a lot about perseverance and courage. They continue to teach me to value and respect everyone. I am a better person since I came here.

So, welcome to our website, I hope you will revisit it as we continue to refine it. And, I will use the space allotted me to share with you some of the things going on with RSS. We are an integral part of services in Wake County and we intend to continue our efforts to strengthen services in our State and I ask for your support in this commitment to excellence and human rights.

Rick Chappell

Executive Director


  3820 Merton Drive, Suite 110
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609  
919.787.1214    919.787.3416 fax