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Holiday Wishes to the RSS Family,

The months of November, December and January are pressure filled because of schedules and planning.  At work we are busy preparing for our financial audit and the days spent with our accountants. And, our entire staff is learning a whole new system for service authorizations and billing.  Working through staff work schedules also becomes more challenging during this time of the year and more stress is put on celebrations of thanksgiving.

These months are when our own families want to come together to be thankful for each other and for the blessings we are to each other.  Holidays are for family and for tradition.  They are social and for most of us they are religious.  Our plans and actions reflect how our families honor these traditions. 

It is this time of year when I am reminded once again of the dedication of all who work in service to the people who have turned to us for support.  Consider this…in our group homes we have five people living in each of our homes and our commitment to these people is to be there twenty four hours each and every day of the year.  And that includes holidays. The children and spouses of our staff  understand this. Our staff honors this commitment. It is what we do. It is who we are.

We also work hard to bring families together by assisting the people we serve to connect with their families during the holidays. We give extra effort to arrange for transportation for their visits home.  And, for those people who have no family some staff even welcome them into their own family celebrations.  Most of the children of our staff have come to know several of the people we serve and they also welcome them as valued visitors.  It is what they do. It is who they are.

So, as I prepare for the upcoming holidays I am thankful for the opportunity to serve others. And, I am constantly in awe of the sacrifices made by all of our staff members.  My respect for them extends to their families. I give thanks for what they do. I give thanks for who they are.

So, my wish for each of you is one of continued blessings in your life and for peace in your heart, in your home, and in your communities.  Because of who you are you have given these blessings to me and to my family.  Take time to seek out those who bring you blessings and tell them that you are thankful.

As you are called,  honor your faith, your spirituality  and your beliefs.




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