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Good People

The Director’s postings I have previously done have addressed the plight of those affected by the budget cuts made by the State. My comments were accurate and honest but sometimes for my own well being I need to focus upon the positive aspects of the work we do here.  Over the next months I want to tell you about some of the good people I have gotten to know here and how they have raised my spirit.




Shortly after I came to work here I was invited by a County Social Worker to go meet someone named Alice.  She was living in a family care home near NCSU campus. She graciously welcomed me and explained to me that although she was treated well there she knew that she didn’t need someone to do so many things for her. Alice sat me down and told me that she wanted her own place and she convinced me that she could certainly be much more independent.  At the time I had nothing to offer Alice but you don’t forget someone like Alice. She is what we call “Good People”.


It took awhile but eventually we helped Alice move into an apartment where we could support her independence.  She now lives alone in her own apartment but she would want me to tell you that she calls her two cats her “children”.  She adores them and takes care of them.  Alice has a good life and I could just end this posting right here. But so far I have only described what we have done for Alice. Now let me tell you what she does for me.


Just when I feel discouraged about anything it seems that Alice must somehow know this and she calls me. I can be at home or in the car but she finds me to tell me just how much she appreciates what I do for her and what Kathy Lyle does for her. She tells me how much she loves her apartment and her “children”.  She always makes me feel better because she recognizes the blessings in her life. I try to remind her that she has made all of this possible herself through hard work and determination.  She insists on giving me too much credit but it makes me feel good to hear it never the less.  She calls to remind me to set my clocks when we have time changes and she never misses calling at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.  


In addition to calling me she also writes me notes of thanks and recently I received two different handwritten notes from her to celebrate Easter and included with the notes were two separate gifts that she had made for me. Both are wooden bears that she paints.  On one is my name “Rick”. It is painted brown with pink ears and a smiling face.  On the other it just says “Friend” written on a brightly painted yellow bear that she placed in a little silver gift box.  How wonderfully thoughtful and giving and what a powerful Easter message.  


 Alice is Good People and I am blessed to have her in my life. She does more for me than she will ever realize. God bless you Alice.


Rick Chappell

Executive Director



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