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Reginald Ramsey

September 6, 1962 – June 25, 2010

Reginald Ramsey lived at our Hailey Drive home and although he didn’t live there for a very long time, his presence with us changed us. Without question he possessed one of the most positive spirits I have known. He had a smile that welcomed you home and made you feel comfortable there. 

When we had our accreditation visits Reggie became one of our “stars”. Reggie thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the RSS family and told everyone how well he was respected here. Our accreditation visitors recognized that and it went a long way toward us being granted full accreditation.

When the guys living at Hailey went to the beach for a summer vacation last year, Reggie told us that he had never seen the beach before in his life. And, he loved the beach.  He reminded me just how fortunate I have been in my life since I have visited the beaches since I was a child.  Perhaps I had come to take this gift for granted but Reggie reminded me that it was indeed a special place where natures power and beauty come gloriously together just for us to behold. I will never look at the ocean the same again, thanks to Reggie.

Reggie had begun to have stomach problems but he wasn’t one to complain so his doctors just thought he might have acid reflux, but when he winched in pain one day in front of Juanita Jefferson, his program manager, she took him in to the doctor again and insisted that something was wrong.  In a very short time Reggie received the terrible news that he had an aggressive cancer and he was encouraged to let his family know that he didn’t have much time left to live. This was stunning and terrible news.

While he was in the hospital he asked again and again if he would be back at Hailey in time for this summer’s beach trip. We knew that the next beach trip would come too late for Reggie. He wanted to see the ocean one more time. So, Juanita Jefferson and Susan Murray arranged for a special beach trip for Reggie and his sister. Reggie lived to see his beloved ocean again before he died and we all rejoiced when we saw the photos taken when he was there…sitting by the ocean, smiling his big ole welcoming smile…letting the waves and the sun come right into his heart where it felt inviting and comfortable. That’s Reggie. And that’s good people.  

Rick Chappell

August 5, 2010

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