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Staff Spotlight ... Randy Pait

As I consider the family tree  that makes up Residential Support Services I find that among our staff is an accomplished poet and writer.  Randy Pait is one of our group home managers but when he is not working he can be found among friends in the literary community.  During a recent meeting in the home where he works I discovered that one of his poems is featured in an interesting book entitled "The Sound of Poets Cooking", edited by Richard Krawiec.


As a person who loves to cook I was fascinated with the idea of combining the creative art of writing with the creative art of cooking.  The Cook and the Poet nurture us in very similar ways when you think about it.  A quick review of the contributing poets to the book reveal that Randy is in very good literary company with the first Poet Laureate of NC, several college professors, and feature writers on Garrison Keillors Writers Almanac.


The note in the book states that Randy “…loves books, and writing poems  and stories. Randy has had poems and short fiction in Psychological Perspectives, Chiron Review, and Souwester among others.


Randy, we are  delighted to post your poem that complements the recipe for Darling Clementine Salad.  




A Clementine


It is not a perfect sphere.

Rather, it is subtly uneven,

suggesting a kind of sedition.


It is not bright and polished,

but is pale orange with dark places.


Its skin has a reptilian consistency.

One suspects that it will open, slowly,

blank and indifferent eyes.


Inside, are symmetrical segments

that contain November

and the taste of coming winter.


One hears an old barn door,

banging in the icy wind.


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