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Jim Longman

1941 – 2010


I knew Jim Longman as the father of one of our group home residents. He and his wife, Anna, were also members of our Board of Directors.  I also knew that his faith was important to him because we had spoken about it before.  While attending his funeral I learned how completely he lived through his faith.


Like many of us Jim’s life had its good times and bad times. We all face turmoil and we are often the cause of our own turmoil and hard times.  Jim was no different. The thing that distinguishes us from each other in the face of such times is how we respond to them. Jim responded by surrendering to the call of faith after years of struggle to do it alone.  So, he became a man of faith and lived a better life because of it.  His life story could have ended right there and remained a powerful testimony.  But there was much more to his story.


Some of the men in Jim’s family honored him in stories about when they were at a crossroads in their own lives and how Jim led them to find their own faith.  One said that he had never known anyone to be truly changed by turning to faith and that he was skeptical about doing it himself.  But when Jim told him about how faith had saved him, he knew that he could be saved too.  Jim reached out his hand and his heart to these men and showed them the way to peace and grace through faith.


My lesson that day was that each of us ordinary people has been given the blessing to be extraordinary people. This blessing is wrapped up in love and faith that we are called to share. Jim answered that call and we are all better for knowing this man of faith.
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